With the General Election looming large, North Leamington School (NLS) was delighted to host a Question Time-style event on Monday, June 5th.

With local candidates in attendance, a 50-strong audience of politically interested students from across year groups posed searching questions to those who wish to represent local constituencies come June 8th.

With questions themed around "Young People and Education", "Politics, the Media and The Modern World", "National and Local Representative Interests" and "The Candidates as Individuals" debate was at times heated but always lively and informative. With a secret ballot at the end offering something of a straw poll, audience allegiance tipped towards the Labour Party but with a strong showing for the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties - The Green Party also evidencing popularity amongst some.

The event is part of a wider and on-going drive to deepen student awareness and involvement in the political process. It aims also to offer speaking and listening opportunities which enhance NLS's already-strong Student Voice. With volunteer students actively promoting around the school the views of various political parties, all students are set to vote on Wednesday in a Mock Election. Results will be posted on Thursday and, as with previous elections, this aims to generate an even keener interest in the actual General Election event and results later that day.

NLS thanks the students for their enthusiastic, incisive input but also the candidates in attendance: Chris White and Richard Dickson.

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