North Leamington School is determined to continue to build a vibrant learning community; one that offers many opportunities to enthuse, engage and enrich the learning experiences of all its stakeholders. We will continue to engender a commitment to life-long learning and ensure respect is shown to everyone that we meet. We will encourage and support learning in a positive and dynamic environment; one that demands our personal best as we strive to meet the challenges going forward together and as individuals.

Strategic Wheel:

This is NLS’s strategic wheel and it aims to communicate as clearly as possible how the key things at the school interact and cohere around a central set of values. It shows that we have certain parameters in which we operate (the outer circle) which are key strands of education provision. Within that, there are some key mechanisms and processes which help us to deliver those key strands (the next circle in). Moving beyond that, there are some strategic priorities which form a focus for the school year. At the very heart of the wheel are those CORE and comprehensive “everyone matters equally” principles which NLS values so highly. While such values and principles will remain largely constant, other aspects of the wheel may change according to developing need and priority.

CPD: Continued Professional Development
QA: Quality Assurance


  • To continue to provide and enhance teaching and learning which fulfils the needs of the individual
  • To continue to provide high quality Continuous Professional Development that meets the needs of individuals and the school
  • To continue to recognise achievement and engage all students in all aspects of school life
  • To provide a stimulating learning environment, where students and staff are mutually respectful
  • To develop our values–driven practices where we distribute a range of rewards to all students fairly but also sanction within a climate of respect
  • To develop positive relationships with all our partners involved in the education of our students
  • To work even more effectively with parents/carers and the community to ensure the best possible benefit for the students that we can achieve outstanding teaching and learning, have an outstanding work force and provide outstanding opportunities for all students.

This is underpinned by our CORE values:

  • Excellence in all that we do
  • It’s all about the learning!
  • Everyone matters equally
  • Individual accountability for community success
  • Building positive relationships
  • Respect!


School Improvement Plan:

Strategic Aim 1 : To achieve outstanding Teaching and Learning across the school.

Strategic Aim 2 : To continue to grow an outstanding workforce.

Strategic Aim 3 : To further enhance the outstanding opportunities for all students.


As a school we have identified non-negotiables that we feel are important drivers in supporting this plan that need to be embedded in all Faculty and College Improvement Plans.


Strategic Aim 1 – To achieve outstanding teaching and learning across the school

  • Continue to develop the whole school teaching profile so that good and/or outstanding teaching is at least 90% and achieved through a personalised CPD offer (Professional Development)
  • To embed a flexible whole school planning framework that supports high quality teaching and learning and meets the needs of all learners (Short Term, Mid Term, Long Term planning, Group Profiles). (Support, Stretch and Challenge for Improvement and Progress)
  • Develop flexible lesson planning and delivery that is rooted in student performance data and that increasingly supports, stretches and challenges the full range of abilities within a group (Support, Stretch and Challenge for Improvement and Progress)
  • Develop through planning and lesson delivery the key learning and employability skills that are relevant to individual curricula  (Skills in and Beyond School
  • Continue to closely track and intervene quickly to close the learning gap for all students (Support, Stretch & Challenge for Improvement and Progress)
  • Make sure that all Assessment for Improvement and Progress (marking) follows school policy, is embedded in day to day practice and is clearly evidenced in exercise books, folders and home learning thereby showing even more clearly an individual’s progress over time (Use of the FAR model - Feedback, Assessment, student Response)
  • All staff regularly check progress (Assessment for Improvement and Progress) in the lesson and respond to the needs of the group and/or individuals by providing early intervention (I recorded in books)  (CARM model – Check progress, provide Appropriate Response to help Move learning on)
  • Continue to embed Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time (DIRT) into every day practice making sure that regular feedback is of a high quality and impacts positively on student progress (written and verbal) (Assessment for Improvement and Progress)
  • Through the use of a common language for learning provide a variety of opportunities across the curriculum to develop students skills for learning and their ability to take responsibility for their own learning – (Skills Beyond School)
  • Continue to develop and embed a positive climate for learning that increases the engagement of all learners and increases student ownership of their learning (Engagement for Learning)
  • Continue to provide opportunities to students to positively engage with reading and other forms of literacy development to reduce barriers to learning (including synthetic phonics) (Literacy)
  • Embed and consistently apply the new Home Learning policy into practice (Support, Stretch and Challenge for Improvement and Progress)


Strategic Aim 2 – To continue to grow an outstanding workforce

  • To continue to raise the profile of our school within and beyond our local community 
  • To take every opportunity to recognise and celebrate everyone’s contribution to our school in a mutually supportive way (refer to Engagement of staff checklist)
  • To continue to develop effective communication with all stakeholders


Strategic Aim 3 – To further enhance outstanding opportunities for all students

  • To develop an outstanding curriculum offer that meets national requirements, which is fit for purpose and is personalised to allow all students to be successful
  • Continue to embed the messages and ethos of the school’s CORE purpose so that all stakeholders have a sense of ownership and feel that their contribution is valued
  • Continue to embed high quality transition and collaborative working relationships with all partners
  • Continue to provide a diverse range of enrichment opportunities where students can take an active role in developing skills for school and beyond school
  • Continue to work closely with our local and international communities to enrich the experiences and develop ever stronger relationships for all stakeholders and the school


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