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We are delighted with this years GCSE Results as they continue to remain very strong and demonstrate the hard work of all our students. Under the new GCSE system students have continued to make strong progress this year, achieving a further improvement on a very strong set of results last year with:

  • 80% of students achieved grades 9-4 in English and in Maths, with Science achieving 79% 9 - 4.
  • Our core subjects of English, Maths and Science also achieved over 26% in the top grades of 9-7.


Headline Figures:
9 – 7 English and Maths 15%
9 – 5 English and Maths 49%
9 – 4 English and Maths 73%
9 – 7 English 27%
9 – 5 English 60%
9 – 4 English 80%
9 – 7 Maths  26%
9 – 5 Maths 58%
9 – 4 Maths 79%
9 – 7 Sciences  25%
9 – 5 Sciences 55%
9 – 4 Sciences 79%


“It has been yet another incredibly challenging year for both students and staff as they have grappled with the demands of the new GCSE regime. I’m however, delighted and very proud of what we have achieved during this turbulent time. Credit must go to both the staff and students for the way they have managed the changes and the commitment they have shown in striving to achieve the very best outcomes. I would also like to thank our parents and carers for their support in making this year such a success. I’m confident that our students will continue to be successful in the future and I wish them well.”  Head Teacher, Joy Mitchell

2018 GCSE Headline Statistics and National Comparisons School  National
No. of students in Year 11 220  
Progress 8 score (provisional) 0.32 0
Attainment 8 score 50.45 44.26
% of students achieving at least Grade 5 in English and Maths 49% 40%
% of students entering Ebacc (English, Maths, 2 Sciences, a language, History/Geography) 22% 35%
Ebacc Average Points Score 4.21 3.83
% of students staying in education or employment after Key Stage 4 (destinations) 2017/18 94% 94%



As our results continue on a steep three-year upward trajectory, we are once again celebrating the outstanding success of our 2018 students. Our results are inside the top 5% of all schools nationally across the majority of key performance measures.

These results reflect the tremendous amount of hard work and commitment of our students, coupled with the support from home and their teachers when expectations nationally are rising year on year. We are convinced that our students’ results put them in a strong position for successful pathways beyond Sixth Form, whether it be university, apprenticeships or employment.

In 2018, 80% of our students secured their first choice university, including 31% to Russell Group universities and 45% placed at a top 40 university (including 3 Oxbridge places).

We are proud of our Alps accreditation, where our 3 year T Score places us in the top 5% of schools nationally.

Headline Figures:
A* 10%
A*–A 30%
A*–B 60%
A*–C 88%
A*–D 97%
A*–E 100%



You can view our performance tables and compare with other schools on the DfE website. 

16 -18 comparison tables for Warwickshire 





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