Start of the School Day

Students are allowed on site from 8:00am where they can access the breakfast service in the school canteen. Students should not be on site any earlier and must remain in the designated canteen area until 8:30am.

Break and Lunchtime

Students who wish to go home for lunch should bring a note from parents/carers and obtain a ‘pass-out’ from the Head Teacher at the beginning of the year.

Any student leaving the school site during the school day for any purpose should sign out in the book kept for that purpose in Student Services. Permission should have previously been obtained from the College Leader to leave the premises. Students should remain in the school grounds at lunchtimes.

A Warning Bell will be sounded 5 minutes before the start of Lesson 1, Lesson 3 and VT. Students should move promptly to their next lesson. 


Timings for the school day are as follows:


Students to be in school


Movement Time

8:45  9:45

Lesson 1

9:45  10:45

Lesson 2

10:45  11:10


11:10  11:15

Movement Time

11:15  12:15

Lesson 3

12:15  1:15

Lesson 4

1:15  1:50


1:50  1:55

Movement Time

1:55  2:20

VT Time

2:20  3:20

Lesson 5


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