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When we moved to the new building in September 2009 we introduced a ‘College’ structure (similar to a ‘House’ system), sub-dividing the school’s population into 5 smaller communities for social and cultural activities and to encourage more of an integrated, ‘family’ atmosphere within the school. 

We also changed the title and role of Form Tutors to ‘Learning Mentors’, prioritizing the tracking of students’ academic progress.  Each ‘Mentoring Group’ consists of a small group of mixed aged students, so that the older students can assist the younger students and so that the ‘Learning Mentor’ can really focus on a small group of students at each stage of their school career. 

That mixed-age mentoring structure is simply a much more effective way of organising the first half-hour of each day and the key issues of advice and guidance for students and school-home communication, particularly reporting to parents/carers.

We are very proud of our ‘College’ system and it has made a significant impact in the reduction of bullying and the building of positive relationships.  We believe that students will succeed in their education if they are happy in school, and to ensure this, we invest a lot of time and resources in offering a pastoral support system that is second to none! 

Parents seeking more information on our pastoral system should contact Ms Helen Jones, Senior Assistant Headteacher.

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