The faculty system provides tighter management of the curriculum and more robust leadership of our school improvement strategy.

Subject departments within faculties are grouped (see below) according to common areas of knowledge and understanding, enabling the sharing of ideas about teaching, learning and our students' progress between faculty members from different departments.

The faculty system is greatly facilitated by the design of the school, notably the fact that each subject department has a suite of adjacent rooms within the new building.

The 4 Faculty Leaders join with the 5 College Leaders to form a Middle Leadership Group that drives the whole school forward as the 'engine room' of development and change.

CORE Faculty:  Maths, English,Science, Media, MFL

Humanities Faculty: Geography, History, RE, Social Science, Business, ICT/Computing

Performance Faculty: Art, Photography, Drama, Music, Dance, PE, Technology

IEN - Deep Suppport Faculty:  IEN, AfA, EAL, Nurture, Refocus, CIAG, Behaviour and Attendance.







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