Language Development 

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The main area of responsibility of the EAL team is to plan, lead and monitor interventions in and out of the classroom for students with EAL needs. In partnership with EMTAS, the local authority support service for language development, our specialist EAL Coordinator assesses a student's English proficiency and individual abilities. She then advises subject teachers, creates and supplies resources, puts in place specialist interventions as identified.

We aim to support students newly arrived in the UK to develop the acquisition of the English language and access subjects/lessons as quickly as possible. We recognise that many other students may require specialist EAL interventions, even when they appear fluent in English. Different areas of the curriculum make use of English in different ways and an EAL student may appear fluent but this fluency can be deceptive. We work closely with the English department to identify these students and the most appropriate intervention, and to help our multilingual students overcome any language barriers they may experience to achieve the highest levels they can across the curriculum.

All teaching assistants are trained to support EAL students in the classroom across all subjects. Recognising the important role parents/carers play we make sure we liaise closely with them and keep them updated at every stage of our work.

EAL has a 5 band scale:

      A – New to English

      B – Early Acquisition

      C – Developing Competence

      D – Competent

      E – Fluent

The research below by Strand and Hessel shows that those “new to English” and “early acquisition” score below national average, those “developing competence” score close to national average and those “competent” or “fluent” score significantly above the national average.

 EAL Pic

The proficiency in English scale reveals variability between groups of EAL pupils and stronger proficiency in English is linked to greater progress and achievement. This is our key principle and our EAL pupils are set up with targets depending on their  EAL bands and specialist interventions are put in place for them to reach those targets. Their proficiency in English is central to understanding achievement and levels of need among our pupils with EAL.

Deniz Konca square  

Mrs D Konca

EAL Coordinator





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