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On Friday 15th March 2013 an exhibition of artwork about Slavery was organised by the History student leaders. On display were over 50 pieces of art created by students in Year 9 as part of a homework project last term. The exhibition was well attended by both staff and students, all of whom were impressed by the exceptional quality of work. Many thanks to the History leaders for organising the event and congratulations to all of the Year 9 students who had their work displayed.


"One who does not remember History is bound to live through it again."                                  Holocaust survivor, Auschwitz

Studying History gives students the opportunity to learn about extraordinary events and significant people. History students develop skills which can be applied to all sorts of situations:

  • They understand what makes people tick, what motivates them and what they think and feel;
  • They can gather different kinds of information and work out what it means;
  • They can communicate in lots of different ways.

Teachers in the History Department are experienced Historians with different specialisms. Mrs Chamberlain is the Head of Department and Miss Watson, Mr. Cosby and Mrs. Atkin are the other members of the team.

Students study a variety of different periods of History during their time at North Leamington School:

In Key Stage 3 students will examine a variety of History topics, including:

  • The Romans and comparing the Roman Empire with the Arab Empire;
  • They find out about Medieval life and also what it was like in Tudor and Stuart times;
  • They explore the reasons behind the English Civil War and how this led to the execution of a King;
  • How Britain became the greatest nation in the world during the Industrial Revolution;
  • The First World War, the rise of 20th Century Dictators and the Second World War.

The GCSE History course focuses on Modern World History:

  • The Cold War, from the end of the Second World War to the Vietnam War;
  • How British society changed between 1890-1918;
  • The USA 1919-1941;

Students also complete coursework on South Africa and the struggle against Apartheid.

A Level lessons are seminar-style, where students have the opportunity to debate controversial historical issues. AS students examine the rise of Communism in Russia through the dictatorships of Lenin and Stalin. They also investigate how war in the 19th and 20th century as affected British society. In A2 students explore the significant changes that took place in Germany 1900-1945 and they also complete a unit of coursework.

One of the highlights in the History Department is the annual Year 9 visit to the First World War Battlefields. Students find this a very moving experience and it really helps with their study of the First World War.







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