Exam Board:   OCR

Course Entry Requirements:

Grade BB Dual Science or Bs in Single Science GCSEs, and a Grade B in Maths.

What is the course about?

  • You will gain knowledge of the fundamental features of human life.
  • You will gain understanding of the human body, body metabolism and how cells and body organs work and interact as they carry out essential life processes.
  • You will gain understanding of human diseases.
  • You will gain experience in advanced experimental and investigative skills and techniques.
  • You will appreciate the importance and relevance of organs and systems of the human body, diseases that affect these and the essentials of human life and why they are needed.


This course would suit students taking AS Level PE and wanting to study Sports Science at University, as well as students who want to take just the one Science subject.

How is the course assessed?

Unit Level Name Assessment AS Weighting A-Level Weighting
F221 AS Molecules, Blood & Gas Exchange 1 hr exam 30% 15%
F222 AS Growth Development & Disease 1 hr 45 mins exam 50% 25%
F223 AS Practical Skills in Human Biology Internal Assessment 20% 10%
F224 A2 Energy, Reproduction & Populations 1 hr 15 mins exam   15%
F225 A2 Genetics, Control & Ageing 2 hr exam   25%
F226 A2 Extended Investigation in Human Biology Internal Assessment   10%



AS: Students sit two exams (F221; F222) in the summer exam window and are assessed on practical skills during lessons (quantitative, qualitative and evaluative) via assessments which are set by the exam board (F223).

A2: Students sit two exams (F224; F225) in the summer exam window and are assessed on practical skills through an independent extended investigation. 

How will the course be taught?

The teaching combines directed learning, class discussion, student presentations, private study, independent learning, use of IT and experimental and investigative work.  Work books and text books are provided and students will be regularly tested to support their progress and develop exam technique.

What next?

Careers in Sports Science and Physical Education, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Radiology, Dentistry, Environmental Health, Pathology, Osteopathy, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Nursing, Medical research.

Who should I contact for more information?

Miss G Jephcote: Subject Leader




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