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The job market is in a constant state of flux and the trend over the next decade at least will be a need for individuals to show career adaptability- this generation of young people is predicted to have at least 2 career changes so being flexible is the key. The following link gives a list of jobs set to rise: Jobs in Healthcare, Computing, Sales, Marketing and HR will all be in demand as well as engineers and accountants. Skilled professions such as plumbers and electricians will also be needed.


Generally there is predicted to be an increase in entry level jobs (Care workers, leisure and service occupations) but higher skilled managerial level jobs are due to rise as well because the average level of qualifications is increasing. In the future this generation of young people will be competing with very highly qualified individuals from all over the world for the best and highest paid jobs! This provides some information on the “Best Jobs of the Future” based on data collected by the World Economic Forum. Top 3 are Data Analysts, IT and Mathematics professionals and Architects and Engineers. Some interesting infographics can be found here It is very useful to consider these when making choices for Y8 options, Y11 career pathways and University and apprenticeship applications. this report is based on jobs set to rise in the West Midlands.

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