Our team of specialist support staff provide teachers and students with advice and help to enable students to learn effectively.

Interventions and extra-curricular clubs are varied:

- SpLD (dyslexia and dyspraxia)
- Lego Therapy
- Emotional literacy group
- Daily Literacy and Numeracy programmes
- Reading and Numicon
- Communication groups
- Individual expression through art
- 1:1 mentoring incl autistic students’ support
- Physiotherapy/COMP physical movement
- Sensory integration
- Lunchtime craft club
- Lunchtime homework club
- After school homework clubs x3
- After school sports clubs

Occasionally students will be withdrawn from other subjects to enable longer-term learning support work. Parents/carers are always consulted before this happens. Where students come out of mainstream modern foreign languages, they access IEN Spanish.











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