On this page you will be able to download digital copies of all letters sent home from staff at the school this academic year. Click on a file to open and download.

Oct 2017    
Arabian Nights Production    Drama production tickets letter
Year 10 Subject Evening    Year 10 Subject Evening Insight letter
 Year 11 Subject Evening    Year 11 Subject Evening Insight letter
Year 8 Options    Year 8 Options Process
Botswana Presentation    Year 10&11 Parents invitation
 Year 7 LM evening_insight letter Oct 16 2017    Year 7 Learning Mentor Evening for Parents/Carers
 Year 12 LM evening_insight letter 2017    Year 12 ‘Meet the Mentor Evening for Parents/Carers
 Year 13 LM evening_insight letter 2017    Year 13 ‘Meet the Mentor Evening for Parents/Carers
Sept 2017    
Attendance Procedures   Attendance procedure letter for parents
June 2017    
Year 7-10 Progress Evening   Year 7-10 Progress Evening for Parents
Drama Fellowship   Highly Sprung Physical Fellowship 2017
May 2017    
Year 10 Letter   Year 10 Exam Information Letter
GCSE Music Opportunity    GCSE Music Opportunity – Year 8 & 9
March 2017    
Year 10 Transfer application   Year 10 Transfer application form
Year 10 Transfer   Year 10 transfer letter
Funding Letter   NFF funding change letter to parents
GCSE Drama   Drama Performance Exam
The Crucible Trip   Year 9/10 Drama GCSE visit
Year 13 Subject Evening   Year 13 Subject Evening Insight Letter
February 2017    
Year 7 Insight   Year 7 Open Evening Insight Letter
January 2017    
Year 9 Insight  

Year 9 Open Evening Insight Letter

Year 8 Insight   Year 8 Subject Evening Insight Letter
Year 7 Stomp   Year 7 Stomp Trip Parent Letter
December 2016    
Autumn Newsletter   End of term newsletter
Mobile Phones   Mobile phone policy letter
Late Gate   Late gate policy letter

November 2016

Year 12 Subject   Year 12 Subject Evening Insight Letter
Year 8 Options   Year 8 Options process letter
Year 10 Insight   Year 10 Open Evening Insight Letter
October 2016    
High School Musical Tickets   Tickets for High School Musical available
Year 11 Evening   Year 11 Subject evening insight letter
HSM T-Shirt letter   High School Musical T-Shirt letter
July 2016    
Summer Newsletter   School newsletter for summer
School Uniform   School uniform letter for parents
Theme Park Trip   Activity day information
NUT Strike Information   NUT Strike 5th July Information
June 2016    
Progress review 20 June   Progress review evening 20 June 2016
May 2016    
Midsummer Night's Dream   Drama production - Midsummer Night's Dream
Year 10 Letter   Year 10 GCSE Maths letter
 March 2016    

GCSE Study Letter 2016


GCSE Examinations 2016 Study Letter

Performance Faculty Yr 9


Performance Faculty Trip Letter for Year 9

GCSE Letter to Parents


GCSE Examination Letter to Parents April 2016

Spring Newsletter 2016


School Newsletter- Spring 2016

 Parking Letter to Parents   Parking Letter to Parents March 2016


January 2016

 Year 8 Subject Evening   Year 8 Subject Evening Letter January 2016
 Year 7 Showcase Evening   Year 7 Showcase Evening Letter January 2016
 Year 8 Options Process Letter   Year 8 Options Process Letter November 2015
 Year 9 Options Process Letter   Year 9 Options Process Letter November 2015
 Year 9 Subject Evening   Year 9 Subject Evening 25 January 2016
 KS4 Course Guide for Year 9   KS4 Course Guide for Year 9 January 2016
 KS4 Course Guide for Year 8   KS4 Course Guide for Year 8 January 2016
 Year 9 Options Evening Booklet   Year 9 Options Evening Year 9 Booklet 2016
 Year 8 Options Evening Booklet   Year 8 Options Evening Year 8 Booklet 2016
 Year 7 Subject Evening   Year 7 Subject Evening Letter January 2016

December 2015


Winter Newsletter 2015


The Winter 2015 edition of the NLS newsletter.


October 2015

 08.10.2015 Insight Letter   Letter detailing the outlines of insight for Year 7 parents
 September 2015    
 11.09.2015 Leave of Absence Letter   Letter regarding Leave of Absence During Term Time














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