Greenpower is an educational trust that was ser up to inspire more young people to become engineers, which it does by encouraging students to design and race electric cars. NLS hope to take part in the 2013 races, but this will depend on whether we can find the funding (more detail of which is below!)




NLS Greenpower team featured on Warwick University website!

IET Formula 24 (F24) is the main racing category - 179 teams completed at least one competitive lap in 2011. It is open to 11-16 year olds.

The rules are built around the standard batteries and motor along with some safety-based requirements. These are designed to be relatively open-ended and with room for innovation, leading to a huge variation in how the cars look.

F24 races last 4 hours, and teams can use six batteries in that time (80 minutes per pair of batteries). A minimum of five drivers must drive for a maximum of 90 minutes each and typical average speeds are 20-30 mph. Six further team members act as mechanics and pit crew, so there is plenty of opportunity for students to take part in a race event.

So far we have constructed a full size wooden model, just to learn more about the design requirements but  have a long way to go before we reach the starting grid.




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With help from Warwick University, we now have the GreenPower Chassis built. Many thanks to Daz Stewardson, who did the welding for us. The pictures show the chassis on its welding jig at Warwick and the completed result, complete with nosecone, back at NLS. The nosecone came from one of Warwick’s Formula Student cars and will be repainted in NLS racing colours.




The big challenge is to fund raise £2000 for all the wheels, motor, batteries, suspension, etc, etc, Once we have the bits we can have the fun of building and testing the car through a team effort. We need to raise funds by the end of March so we can start building in April. If NLS parents or friends would like to sponsor the NLS GreenPower  car and promote their business we will be very happy for them to do so. The race season will be well under way by April so we need to put our foot down on the project throttle!

William Savage, Jan 2013


 “Houston we have lift off!’’

 For the initial take off of this project we had to design, measure and think of ideas for the Green Powered Go-cart.

 Stage1: Having an initial wooden cut out of the Go-cart Mr Hodge, our team manager, and I measured and plotted objects around the simple wooden frame so an average child could fit in! Marking out the size and initial shape for the Go-cart helped us develop this chassis structure.

William Savage, 22nd Oct 2012



Warwick University have agreed to help with construction, and have set the chassis design as a project for one of their degree students, which will be a great way of introducing our students to university work.

NLS would like to take part in the 2013 season, but this is totally dependent on finding sufficient funds. We estimate we need to find around £2500 to cover the cost of the car components, including batteries, motor, chassis, running gear etc.  If you think you can help in any way, with finance, parts or just technical support, please contact Bob Hodge at


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