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At North Leamington School, we believe that the study of a foreign language not only provides our pupils with useful skills which are fast becoming essential in a modern and highly competitive world, but it also gives them a liberating and life-enhancing experience, which adds breadth to their cultural, social and linguistic knowledge and skills.

In Year 7, students choose to study either French or German, and they continue with this language throughout Key Stage 3. All students undertake an initial 6-week "Language Awareness" unit, designed to develop explicit language-learning skills, such as how to use a bi-lingual dictionary, or how to spot language patterns and deduce meaning. Students have 2 language lessons per week, and the curriculum has been adapted to promote confidence and independence at an early stage.

Opportunities have been created to enhance student enjoyment and raise confidence in speaking through a varied and creative curriculum. Lessons are conducted in the target language as far as is practicable. All students are expected to undertake 30 minutes homework per week, in the form of vocabulary learning as well as reading/writing/speaking tasks.

Students may choose to continue with their language study and /or Spanish at Key Stage 4 and are all entered for AQA GCSE. They also have 2 or 3 lessons per week, and are expected to do a minimum of one hour's homework per week. Students are expected to make use of the extensive language-learning resources such as Doddle, revision guides, links on the school portal and plenty of independent learning.

At Key Stage 5, students may study either French or German to A-level. They follow the AQA specification. Teaching is usually shared between 2 teachers for each group. By this stage, students should be conversing in the target language in lessons as a matter of course, and are expected to be independent learners, undertaking 5 to 6 hours of private study per week in addition to timetabled lessons.





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