The SSE Department are specially trained in emotional and mental heath difficulties, which can lead to behaviours preventing students from learning to the best of their ability. The team have counselling skills including for bereavement and work closely with the school’s professional counsellor, Karen Smith. They also have key understanding of mental health issues and liaise with specialist providers like REACH to ensure that they support students correctly.

The Refocus Room is a dedicated centre for restoration after behaviour incidents to reflect on what has happened and prepare to move on. Restorative practice underpins the school’s response to all behavioural incidents including bullying: victims and perpetrators come together to allow the victim to express their feelings and to enable the perpetrator to make amends.

The Nurture Room is where interventions can take place to enhance students’ assertiveness, anger management and social skills. Forest Schools store their equipment and meet in this room before going out to develop their team-building skills. It is also where students who have alternative timetables, in a few cases attending courses at other providers, can catch up with work with support.



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