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The Transition Team at North Leamington School is dedicated to ensuring that the move from Primary School to Secondary School is a smooth and positive process for your child. Members of the team have a wealth of experience in relation to transition and are committed to ensuring that both students and parents feel supported throughout the process.

The team consists of:

Ms H JonesSenior Assistant Headteacher
Mrs J McBrideAssistant Headteacher and Leader for Transition
Ms JA BirdAssistant Headteacher and Leader of IEN Faculty
Mr S Owen – Student Support and Engagement Lead
Mrs L GouldFamily Liaison Manager
Gary Ingram, Nikki Holt, Hannah Williams, Jeff Greaves – SSE Managers.


Dates for the Diary:

Coffee Mornings for ParentsMonday 13 & 20 June 2016 9.15 – 10.30am

Transition DayWednesday 29 June 2016 8.30am – 3pm

Transition Evening for ParentsThursday 30 June 2016 6.30 – 8pm

Exploration Day (students must be accompanied by an adult) - Saturday 9 July 2016 10am – 12 noon

Get to Know NLS DayWednesday 31 August 2016 10am – 3pm 

North Leamington School draws from a wide area, featuring several main feeder schools including: Telford, Milverton, Cubbington, Lillington and Brookhurst; along with many other schools from a wider area: Kenilworth, Warwick and Rugby.

We recognise that the transition to a secondary school is a very exciting time, but in some cases, also an anxious time. As a result we have developed strategies to support this:

  • The Transition Team visits all partner primary schools to meet prospective North Leamington students in their own environment and to enable direct communication with Year 6 teachers. Information gathered during these visits enables us to ensure that students are well placed in Teaching Groups and are provided with relevant and personalised support, before, during and after they begin at North Leamington School.
  • Our new Transition Leaders from our current Year 7 cohort accompany us on visits back to their previous Primary schools. This strategy has proved very successful in helping the new students feel at ease and they have felt more able to ask any questions they may have during these visits.
  • The Transition Leaders then support our new students at transition events and also in the first few months of Secondary School.
  • In addition to this we also support all students through a Transition Day and Parents’ Evening, which incorporates meeting College Leaders, VT Tutor and teaching group, in addition to experiencing for the first time, how the school day operates at North Leamington.
  • For students with additional needs, or for those feeling particularly anxious, we offer additional small group visits just before the Transition Day.
  • For parents we offer coffee mornings to enable you to meet other parents and ask any questions you may have.
  • Following Transition Day we offer additional events such as Exploration Day, which is a Treasure Hunt around the school; a ‘Get to Know NLS day’, where all students are invited to spend the day during the holidays experiencing a range of activities, but more importantly, start to make new friends at their new school.

We work closely with our main feeder schools to ensure that there is continuity in the Curriculum between Years 6 and 7, and many of our departments are holding transition events for students as young as Year 2, so they can experience what North Leamington School has to offer them in our state of the art facilities.

To aid students in their transition we offer Opening Minds in Year 7 which is History, Geography, RE and Citizenship taught by the same teacher. This helps the transition from Primary School where students are used to having one teacher for all of their lessons. In addition, there are many Drama and PE events held for Primary schools using our facilities, which all help to familiarise students with their new School.

Parents/Carers of North Leamington students are invited to attend a Parents’ Evening in September to meet their child’s Tutor, the Transition Team and the School’s Leadership Team, and have any queries answered.


If you have any questions about transition please email transition@northleamington.co.uk.




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