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Scarlett is shortlisted!

Well done to Scarlett Hall (Year 10) who has been shortlisted for the ‘500 Word Malala Yousafzai Competition’. Scarlett has worked hard this term and submitted a piece of poetry titled ‘Gaps and Holes’. The competition is hosted by ‘Connected Creatives’ and their aim is to amplify young peoples’ voices through creative writing. Scarlett’s piece moved and engaged the judges with her grasp of poetic form and emotional tone. Alongside the other shortlisted students from across the country, Scarlett’s work has been ‘highly recommended’. NLS would like to congratulate and recognise the hard work of Scarlett and those who also submitted for the competition. Well done! 

Take a look at Scarlett's fantastic poem below!


Gaps and Holes - By Scarlett Hall


Let me introduce myself to you,

Since you seem to have the wrong idea.

I’m not superficial,

Full of gaps

and holes,

I’m not loud

or silent

and I achieve my goals

whatever they may be.


Because you say I’m strange behind my back

that I talk to trees

that I don’t crack

when you apply pressure.


The quiet girl at the back of the class,

book in hand,

sharp as glass.

And that may be right

(but it’s probably wrong)

except what do I care?

You don’t belong

with the people who understand.


My worlds are always my ultimate escape.

Free in my hands to mould, to reshape.

I don’t always have the time to blink.

Other lives, other voices dance in our heads

all whispered within paper and deep blue ink.

I can’t be the only person who thinks about these things,

my friends, well they don’t – to the lies they cling.


Maybe white holes in the sky are also stars?

People stand outside the holes, looking through,

they are our world’s clandestine Czars

staring and recording notes, outside looking in –

our loves, hates, they look through our skin.


How about time is an illusion

and life is a magician

twirling its purple cape.

A circus show that we’re all a part of

that none of us thought to escape.


That time is but mere memories

withheld in the head of man.

But memories can be swiftly altered

or was that not your plan?


Or that silly idea you dismissed long ago

that God does exist.

Well, how would you know?

Think about it – why not?

Science is just mist.

Full of gaps and holes.

There, I said it

and I can’t take it back.

Scientific facts are just lists

like you with your fists

you insist, persist,

the truth you do twist,

thugs you enlist

that’s all it consists

your science-filled mind.


Wouldn’t it be lovely

one day

to just…

let go?

We hold to a cliff, the cliff of life.

If we let go, then……who knows?

Isn’t that what everyone wants to find out?

The truth of life, an answer without a doubt?

What happens when we let go?

Maybe it’s just me who dares to do it.

I’m not scared, see? I have my spirit.

Life is a struggle, but a test set by whom?

We have to stop now or the test is our tomb.


And when you’re ready to find the way, I’ll

                                   pick you up and take you away.



                                     All the





                                                     way down to the













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