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Rewarding student Learning Behaviours at NLS


Students will be awarded points to recognise positive Learning Behaviours both in the classroom and in the wider school community, as well as recognising students who always work to the best of their ability. 

The points are awarded through SIMs and have different values

 R1 – For working well over the course of a week’s lessons

-      For demonstrating World Class Basics over the course of a week

R2 – Learning behaviours (11 types) 

-      Student leadership 

-      Collaboration 

-      Excellent homework 

-      Progress 

-      Perseverance – independent learning 

-      Reasoning – oral or written  

-      Creativity 

-      Questioning 

-      Working above target 

-      Research  

-      Acts of Kindness

R3 – For exceptional contribution, which can be issued by Subject Leaders, College Leaders and Faculty Leaders

R4 – ELT award (Head of Faculty/Head of College)

R5 – Head Teacher’s award, nominated by College Leaders and Faculty Leaders each week

VT tutors will discuss with students their rewards and learning behaviours as part of their learning conversations.

Information about how a student has been rewarded for learning behaviours will be communicated to parents in an email. Students may also receive praise postcards home for a range of reasons.

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