North Leamington School


Our ambition is to be an ever-improving learning environment that offers opportunities to enthuse engage and enrich the experiences of all its community. We will continue to instil a commitment to growth in a positive, dynamic and respectful environment that expects and supports personal excellence in the context of everyone mattering equally.


Commitment, Opportunity, Respect and Excellence for all and in all that we do.

Our Strategic Aim for 2020/21 is to deliver an outstanding learning community; this will be achieved by continuing to focus on consistency of policy to practice through:

-       Delivering a highly effective recovery plan

-       Providing a broad, balanced and personalised curriculum for all

-       Refining and enhancing Wave One teaching and learning for all

-       Refining and embedding a positive learning Culture and Ethos

-       Building the capacity of the school and its teams


Therefore, student, staff and community outcomes improve.


Long Term Plan

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