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The College structure

At North Leamington School, we allocate each student in Years 7 to 11 into one of five ‘colleges’. This sub-divides the school’s population into 5 smaller communities and encourages a sense of pride, belonging and structured support. 

Each college has its own College Leader who is responsible for the pastoral and academic support within their college, and is a figurehead for the culture and ethos of their college team. Where we have siblings in school, they are normally allocated within the same college, which enables our College Leaders to have a detailed understanding of the children and families within their groups.

Our College Leaders typically have nine ‘Learning Mentor’ groups, which consist of students arranged into mixed year groups. This supports younger students when they transition from Year 6, but also encourages all students to demonstrate their leadership skills within the daily ‘vertical tutoring’ (VT) lessons, which are delivered by students to each other and encompass three overarching concepts: showing respect, living without harm and demonstrating acts of kindness.

College Leaders:

Binswood College: Miss P Murphy

Blackdown College: Mr B Butler

Croft College: Mrs S Barley-Morey

Manor College: Mr J Foxon

Park College: Mr M Swan

Ms H Jones, Deputy Head Teacher, has overall responsibility for the pastoral and College systems and is the Designated Safeguarding Lead for the school. 

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