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Blackdown College has a fabulous Community Ethos which is endorsed by our students, staff and parents. As a very proud College Leader for Blackdown, I strive for all students to be respectful and responsible young people, whilst aiming for their own academic potential, but at the same time offer a supporting hand when students are in need, for the duration of their time in the College. As a College Staff team we collectively encourage students be supportive of each other thus demonstrating a Community feel within the College and in the wider school. 

Our College Logo is the Lion, who in a group are known as a PRIDE. Our Motto is ‘Make Yourself Proud’, something that is revisited regularly during assemblies and with Learning Mentors throughout the year, and something students embrace fully. Most recently this has been evidenced when in 2018 Blackdown College were crowned as North Leamington Sports Day Champions, and also for our outstanding fundraising projects. There are many ways students can feel proud about themselves at North Leamington School, through their academic achievements, through student leadership, or purely through being the best person they could possibly be by embracing our CORE Purpose and World Class Basics in school.

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Mr B Butler

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Mrs T Hancock


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