A very warm welcome to Croft College.

Having been at the conception of the College System in 2009, it has been with great joy that I have watched Croft College grow into the happy, caring, collaborative community that it is today. Croft prides itself on its family oriented approach where students are encouraged to be compassionate, confident and committed to everyone’s moral and academic learning. Students are placed at the very heart of the College, with the college’s Student Leader Team steering the helm. Student leadership is actively encouraged, and the positive support of others prioritised to ensure that every student is happy and enjoys success. I am incredibly lucky to have worked in such a community spirited school for over two decades and am passionate that my role as College Leader is to support the Croft Staff and Students to be the very best that they can be. 

 Useful Contacts

College Leader

Mrs S Barley-Morey

College Admin

Ms A Roberts

Croft Logo

College Logo: Croft logo is a cobra and was the winning entry by the same Croft student who designed the whole school logo. The Cobra is a symbol of courage, determination to achieve goals and leadership. Croft Student Leadership Team work in collaboration with me, and the Learning Mentor Team, to recognise and celebrate successes, whilst supporting arising issues no matter how small. The students see the College as a family where everyone can make a valuable contribution, and collective responsibility is promoted.

College Motto: Croft motto is ‘Nil Sine Magno Labore’, which translates into ‘nothing without great labour.’ Our mantra is that if you don’t put anything in to your own development, then you won’t get anything out. Students encourage each other to be proactive in all that they do by building the confidence to reach outside comfort zones. No matter where your starting point is anything is possible so dream big.

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