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Welcome to the Park College Page. I am honoured College Leader of one of the five NLS colleges. The name of Park College originates from the origins of our former school buildings; I was incredibly proud to become Park’s College Leader mainly because it was the Park Hall that I was first connected to when I joined North Leamington School over twenty years ago.

It is my role to maintain an overview of the pastoral as well as academic learning of students within the college. I also believe It is to help support our students both individually and collectively to develop and grow into well-grounded young adults ready for the wider world after school life.

Our College logo is a panther. Students chose this because the animal is an intelligent, powerful and fearless animal. Our College mantra is “Be Big, Be Positive, Be Counted.” I want all students to stand up and be proud of who they are, not to shy away or feel that they do not have a voice to be heard. Furthermore, it is important that whatever their ability, their situation, their personality or whatever life throws at them they can always have a positive outlook. Finally, I want students to “be counted” and to understand that however small or large their contribution to school or wider life it is worth celebrating, as it makes a difference, and it counts. 

I am passionate about the community and the impact that the school and young people have on its development and care. Park College has, and always will, be strongly passionate about this.


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