Our students follow an exciting and balanced curriculum, which works within a Faculty system and meets the personalised needs of all students. We are constantly reviewing our curriculum to ensure that it is ‘fit-for-purpose’ in terms of preparing our students for life in the 21st Century, as well as in terms of accommodating individual interests and attributes. Subjects are grouped within faculties according to common areas of knowledge and understanding, facilitating the sharing of ideas about teaching, learning and our student’s progress. Each faculty area benefits from specialist rooms and resources which enhance the fantastic learning experience.

We are passionate in our desire that every student at the school has the best possible learning experience to develop the best possible skills and abilities to be resourceful in life. We are fortunate to have a school which is state-of-the-art with 21st Century educational and recreational facilities. We deliver outstanding teaching and learning in this wonderful environment, where students develop the ability to be resilient, resourceful, reflective individuals who work collaboratively to reach their full potential and who are equipped with the skills, knowledge and qualities needed for success in the rapidly changing world that they live in.

You can find further information on our Curriculum approach in our Curriculum Policy and and by visiting the individual subject pages within the Faculty areas.


Student experience is enriched by a whole host of extra-curricular activities and clubs for students of all abilities. As well as clubs in subjects such as Science, Maths, Drama, ICT and Astronomy we also offer a wide range of sports teams, Arts activities and Music including our very own Pop Choir. Our annual musical production always receives widespread critical acclaim for the quality of its performances.

We have a wealth of dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced staff who run regular trips and excursions, providing wonderful opportunities for memorable learning experiences.

For details of our extra-curricular clubs and activities please click here.

Innovative Vertical Tutoring

The principle of RESPECT is central to our delivery of the curriculum. Our Innovative college structure, also known as Virtual Tutoring (VT) divides the school population into 5 smaller college communities for social and cultural activities. each college is split into 8 Vertical Tutor Groups with a dedicated Learning Mentor who oversees their academic, personal and social development and leads a well structured VT programme each afternoon. With a variety of ages in a tutor group it encourages an integrated, respectful ’family’ atmosphere providing support and assistance to each other during their studies. Our Learning Mentors have the ability to focus on small groups of students at each stage of their school career and deliver our VT Curriculum, which develops important skills and attributes complementing their subject-based learning and thus contributing to students own personal academic progress.

Student Leadership and Voice

We have an extensive and coordinated Student Leadership and Student Voice providing great opportunities for students to lead on their own learning and general experience. We respect our students as leaders and listen to what they tell us, aiming to work collaboratively together to tailor our curriculum and enhance their learning experience with us.

16–19 Study Programme Core Aims

Every study programme has a core learning aim. This is the principal activity or core purpose of a student’s programme, and it is the component that has the largest number of planned hours (A Level or BTEC). The core aim for the majority of students is:

  1. one or more substantial academic, applied or technical qualifications which prepare the student for further education or employment, or
  2. a substantial work placement to prepare the student for an apprenticeship or other employment

The core aim has been agreed between the student and the school. In the main it remains unchanged during the year, although exceptions may be made where, for example, a student:

  • finds they have made the wrong course choice and transfers to an alternative programme, or
  • transfers to a traineeship after an initial period of vocational training or employability support 

Our current subjects offered as part of the Year 12 and 13 curriculum can be found below:

Current Year 12 Curriculum

Current Year 13 Curriculum

For further details of the courses available please visit our Sixth Form page.



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