Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand’

The skills developed in the Performance Faculty can engage and motivate students to succeed. We provide opportunities for original thought and creative expression, developing our SBS skills and building confidence whilst providing a pedagogy for promoting students’ creativity, imagination and self-expression. 

All students have an entitlement to the following subjects as part of the school curriculum, at each Key Stage and as part of the programme of enrichment. This includes opportunities to work with and learn from professional artists and specialist practitioners, experiencing a wide range of high quality enrichment activities. 

There are a variety of subjects included within the Faculty:


      Art Textiles


      Drama & Theatre

      Technology: Design Technology & Food 

      Food Science


      Photography (KS5)

      Physical Education and Sport


The Performance Faculty is led by Mrs Debby Hill.





Performance Faculty Subjects












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