The NLS Peace Garden  

Various memorials were located on all three sites of the original NLS, so it was appropriate to bring all these sensitive items to the new school. The memorials remember those who have passed away during our service to the school, both students and staff alike. A Memorial Garden had been set up, in the Lower School, with young tree saplings along with flowers, and plaques made of stone brass and wood, with an inscription for the person, date and personal comment.

This was a good idea, unlike any other school, so it was quite a loving thing to establish.

As time came for the new £32 million school to built, there was a lot of sensitivity over the old school being abandoned/bulldozed as the garden will go with it. An idea was therefore set in motion by Mr Brown, one of our longest serving teachers, who spoke to the builders about having a brand new memorial garden to the right of the new astro turf area. A peaceful area, in honour for the families that had lost loved ones associated with our school. And so the plan went ahead and a hill was made, trees were planted to replace the old ones which would have been impossible to remove with their entwining roots, along with a gravel path leading to a centre circle with a few dedicated memorial benches and wooden post in the centre with a collection of plaques. Eventually the decision was made to change the name of the "Memorial Garden" to the "Peace Garden" for a more nicer look and thought.

The Peace Garden isn't just to remember thoses ones passed away but also a place to relax in peace if you\'re troubled, concerned about issues or just need some space.

By Aaron, Blackdown College



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