North Leamington School has a fully accredited International School Award. We are pleased to announce that we have been reaccredited for the next three years (2019-2022). We currently have three partnership schools: Anjuman i’Islam Girls High School in Mumbai, India, Bala Al-Shuhad’a School in Amman, Jordan and College Marie Curie in Reims, France.

The International School Award is a badge of honour for schools that do outstanding work in international education, such as through links with partner schools overseas. Since North Leamington School gained the full International Schools Award in September 2010, the school has continued to promote global concepts to the students in order to give them a wider perspective of life as a citizen in our 21st century global world. At North Leamington School international education is embedded into the curriculum and is at the heart of learning. As an established International School, we have a strong ethos of internationalism and have projects that run annually as an embedded part of our curriculum over a wide range of subject areas.

North Leamington School is proud to be have International School status because:

1. We can gain a greater understanding of ourselves if we actively participate in the world around us.

2. No country or culture has a monopoly on wisdom: the greatest advances towards a better and fairer world are made when we learn from each other.

3. We all share a collective responsibility for sustaining our world. We can only achieve this through global communication and understanding.

4. Engaging with the diversity that surrounds us brings mutual understanding and challenges prejudice.

Recent International events have included: 

  • Letter writing to our partner school in France
  • A RE project looking at identity and belonging with our partner school in Jordan
  • A history project on the British Empire with our partner school in India
  • A geography project where students at NLS and Anjuman i’Islam Girls High School exchanged BBC news reports on poverty in Africa
  • Reciprocal visits between teachers at Anjuman i’Islam Girls High School and at NLS.
  • A debate on the refugee crisis


NLS is also a best practice school under the British Council, which means we can offer support and guidance to other schools who are looking to achieve the International Schools Award. Please contact for more information


Miss C Fell
International Schools Leader (maternity cover)



Students take pictures of the natural world within their school grounds as they learn an appreciation for the environment they live in, and environments across the globe. 


Students identify words that they would associate with the war in Afghanistan.

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Students lead teaching activities where they show different languages to younger children attending Telford Primary School.




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