North Leamington School is excited to be launching a brand new project that will not only develop students learning skills whilst at NLS but furthermore will prepare them for life beyond school. NLS is building on the pioneering work by Guy Claxton and his ‘Building Learning Power’ research.

NLS believes it is vital to equip students for life beyond school, especially in an ever-changing and increasingly demanding 21st century world. Students will be encouraged to develop a whole range of learning capacities which will enable them to grow both in their ambition and effectiveness as a learner and as someone who can adapt once they leave the safety boundaries of our secondary school.


The skills grouped into Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness and Reciprocity will strengthen a range of aspects within a child’s learning. Students will develop the way they feel about learning, how they think when learning, how they manage their learning and finally how they use their emotions when learning. 

An example of an activity that facilitates the use of learning skills is the ‘Lonely Planet’ project seen in the photograph within a Year 7 Opening Minds lesson. Students are working in groups to collectively design and create a Lonely Planet Guide Book on Roman civilisation, making a judgement on how advanced it was. Students are collaborating together towards a wider goal, making links between Roman life and modern Britain and absorbing themselves in their learning.

As parents we hope you will encourage this type of learning, and see your child’s love of learning develop and grow as they go through their journey at NLS. We will develop students’ learning skills so that they can be academically successful at NLS, but equally successful beyond school.


Miss Claire Howard
Teaching & Learning Lead Practioner

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