What does the PTA do at NLS?

What are we raising money for?

Sustainable gardening for pupils

This year we are aiming to raise funds to support the development of a poly tunnel kitchen garden, to be used primarily by students using the Nuture Room.The manager of the Nuture Room is passionate about getting the young people outside growing vegetables, understanding where food comes from, cooking it in the nurture room or as part of a tech class and sharing the dishes created in the nurture room, and also looking at selling some produce to staff and parents. This money would be used to then buy seeds and equipment and help it to become a self-sustaining venture in the future.In addition to those students who use the Nurture Room, it would be available to all students to access through tutor group sessions, lunchtime clubs etc.For some who use the Nurture Room, it will be an opportunity to take up a new skill they may like to pursue post education.

Greater recycling

Mr Swan is keen to get school recycling more.Did you know that every day, hundreds of single use plastic bottles are bought in the canteen.Let’s ensure this plastic is fully recycled.The PTA will look into funding more appropriate collection bins and a service to ensure they are properly recycled.

How do we fund raise?

NLS PTA organise two or three big fundraising events every year, and in addition sell refreshments at Parents' evenings and other events throughout the year.

The NLS PTA can make a real difference to enhancing your child’s experience of school. If you can help in any way, then please contact the committee via our Chair, Nicola Enoch - nicola_enoch@yahoo.co.uk

PTA Committee Members

Nicola Enoch

Joanne Lewis

Fiona Cox

Cathy Wall
Mike Swan

Jo Richardson

Sam Baker

Fiona Beasley




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