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Welcome to North Leamington School’s Transition Page.

The Transition Team at North Leamington School is dedicated to ensuring that the move from Primary School to Secondary School is a smooth and positive process for your child. Members of the team have a wealth of experience in relation to transition and are committed to ensuring that both students and parents feel supported throughout the process.

The team consists of:

Ms H Jones – Deputy Head Teacher

Miss P Murphy - Transition Lead

Mrs J McBrideSenior Assistant Head Teacher, SENCO Lead
Mr S Owen – Student Support and Engagement Lead
Mrs L GouldFamily Liaison Manager

Mrs S Parkins – Intervention Manager and Mental Health lead

Ms C Farrell Associate SENCO
Gary Ingram, Nikki Holt, Hannah Clayton – SSE Managers

Mrs F Davies & Ms I Northman Access to learning in Nurture

North Leamington School draws from a wide area, featuring several cluster schools including: Telford, Milverton, Cubbington, St Pauls, Our Lady’s, Lillington and Brookhurst Primary Schools; as well as attracting many students from outside our Cluster from areas such as: Kenilworth, Warwick and Rugby.

We recognise that the transition to a secondary school is a very exciting time, but in some cases it can also be an anxious time. To ensure all students have a positive experience, and in order to settle quickly we have an extensive Transition programme in place.

The Transition Team visit all cluster primary schools to meet prospective North Leamington students in their own environment and to enable direct communication with Year 6 teachers. Transition Leaders from our current Year 7 cohort accompany us on visits to Primary schools. This strategy has proved very successful in helping the new students feel at ease and they have felt more able to ask any questions they may have during these visits. The Leaders also support the new students at transition events and whilst settling in to Secondary school.

 Full group

Feedback from our recent survey for year7 students and parents/carers:

Student survey:

97% of year 7s feel settled at school

99% of year 7s feel safe at school

100% of year 7s are proud to be a student at NLS


Parent survey:

97% of parents feel their child has settled at school

99% of parents say their child feels safe in school

97% of parents believe their child feels safe on the way to/from school


*For all resources for the Transition Day and Evening please click here or go to the Transition Letters Page*

Miss P Murphy

Transition Lead

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