Keeping Safe

We have the right to feel safe all the time.

Our bodies tell us when we are feeling safe. Some of these feelings can include feeling warm and relaxed. Sometimes it's fun to feel a little scared. When we are feeling scared we may get goosebumps, our stomach might churn or our heart might beat faster. Watching a scary film or going on a rollercoaster can be scary, for example. It's an adventure if we choose to do it or have some control. We can stop it when we want to or we know when it's going to end.

Our bodies tell us when we are not feeling safe. It could well be unsafe if it is not our choice, we are not in control and we do not have a time limit. This may be called a personal emergency.


We can talk with someone about anything even if it seems awful or small.

We can ask for help if we are feeling unsafe. We will know when our problem has been solved and we feel safe again.


Thinking Freely

We all have choices to make every day, some of which are simple and easy to make. Others can be harder and we may struggle to find the right answer. The most important thing to remember when facing a difficult decision is that you must trust your own thoughts and feelings.

Your body will tell you when you should not be doing something, and will react to situations when you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.If you allow your friends, or others, to pressure you into ignoring these feelings, you could regret it for a very long time. It is sometimes hard to stand up to pressure from others, but it is something that you must do sometimes.

Part of growing up is thinking about what might happen when you do something. If you think that doing something might hurt someone's feelings, or cause them pain, then you should make the choice not to do it.

Finally, every choice we make has a consequence! Think about the type of community you would like to be a part of and start making it that way through your actions!


Have a look at some of the websites on the right hand side of the page together for some practical advice on keeping safe. 


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